Here's some of our frequently asked questions

What Are These Training Resources For?

At Train Safe Resources, we make the best training resources for a variety of RTO’s and training centres. At present, we have full, ready to go training resources for the TLILIC0005 – Licence to operate a boom-type elevating work platform (boom length 11 metres or more) course and the TLILIC0003 – Licence to operate a forklift truck

Where are these courses available?

The Train Safe Resources packages are currently available throughout Australia. Yes – you read that right… we have catered for every state. Each package includes separate videos and course materials specific to that state. For example, for the TLILIC0005 course, we have a separate video for VIC and TAS because the minimum working distances for powerlines differs between states.

How Many Trainers Can I Have?

Each package contains 5x licences for a total of 5x devices. If you have more trainers, or need to access the resources on more than 5x devices – another purchase will need to be made to get another 5x licences. So just change the quantities number when you are checking out. We have discounted rates for larger quantities of licences – get in touch with us here to find out more.

How Long Do These Licences Last?

At present, we are running our licences as a yearly subscription. We are looking to introduce flexible monthly subscriptions in the near future so that our awesome resources can be accessible to more and more training centres.  We also have discounted rates for longer term purchases – get in touch with us here to find out more.

How Can I Buy The Training Resources

To buy, just head over to ‘our courses’ in the menu and select ‘for trainers’. In there, you can then select the course you are looking for and then click ‘add to cart’. Each purchase includes 5 licences for max five trainers / devices. If you want more trainers – just bump the quantity up until you’ve got enough in multiples of 5. Then fill in your card details and you will get a notification with your auto generated logins. You will need these to access your courses.

How Can I Access The Resources?

When you make your purchase you will choose an email and password for your account. You need these to login.  Head over to trainsaferesources.com and hit login. Fill in your username and password and in there, you will find your newly purchased course. Click on one of the options and you will be able to access the documentation (forms, checklist, guides and session plans) and the training video.

Are they mapped to the course material?

Yes, we have had this our learner material mapped to the official Work Safe course material. This means our course materials are 100% compliant and cover all the bases.

Can you get me a demo?

Interested in having a demo of what a Train Safe Resources course looks like? Shoot us an email to hello@trainsaferesources.com and we’ll work something out for you.

I Need Something Adjusted

All of the documentation comes in PDF format which can be edited fairly easily in a PDF editor (such as Adobe Acrobat) – You can find a video explainer on how to edit the documents here: At present, the interactive videos cannot be edited – but we are able to make bespoke adjustments if necessary. Just <get in touch> for a quote.

What happens if I don’t like the product?

We give you 7 days free of charge that you can subscribe to our courses to work out if you like it.

Started using our training resources but found they just aren’t for you? Don’t worry – we’ll be sorry to see you go, but we can sort you out. Just get in touch with us at hello@trainsaferesources.com and we’ll work things out.

Are You Doing Any Other Courses?

Hell yeah! We have loads of courses in the pipeline ready to be mapped, filmed, edited and tested ready for use in training centres across Australia. We’ve got some big plans – which we look forward to sharing the progress with you in 2021.

How Long Do The Courses Last?

Although varying from course to course, typically our courses last for 4 hours including the tasks, video and form filling. This fills your course with as much engaging content as possible, ready to move onto the practical training. On the course page, you can see the videos specific info such as overall run time, total time and other stats.  When you’ve bought a copy of the course, you’ll also receive a session plan which includes the recommended run times to make your courses run as smoothly as possible.

What’s Included?

All our EWP training resources include an engaging, interactive video that the whole training package is based around. Session plans, RTO documentation, learner guides and other paper based training resources are included in the package. We’re also working on a way we can help make your guys’ lives easier with the pre-course work – by having your students being able to do it online.

Will These Pass An Audit?

Although we’re not able to completely guarantee you will pass a worksafe audit by using our training resources – we’re really confident you will. Compared to other training resource agencies – we have rigorously mapped our content to the original course, and made our information as easy to digest as possible to help better engage with your students.

What Do The Packages Include?

1x years subscription to the Train Safe Resources course you purchased
5x licences for 5x trainers / devices to use the course.
Interactive, engaging course video
RTO documentation
Learner Guides
Session Plan with timings
Coursework tasks